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Healthy Brain, Happy Life 2

Every year for the past several years I have wanted to get my life more organized, more together. One area where I have failed over and over is getting into the habit of working out again. I could tell you that one thing or another comes up, which would be true, but…it’s also a lame excuse. UGH! I want to be motivated to get into shape, and live a happy, healthy life. This is one of the reasons that I purchased the book “Healthy Brain, Happy Life”.

What I have taken away from the next couple of chapters…

Memories that have emotion, are more memorable than others. I love the experiment of learning lists of words, and connecting them through humor. Making a memory of the string of words that are a little nonsensical, but fun. Chester Santos gives a great demonstration of the experiment, and how you can do it too.

We tend to remember what we pay attention to.

Linking and associating something new to something old helps us recall the information better

Emotional memory was really a survival instinct that has been with us since our early days. It helped us with good responses, and dangerous ones. Laughing, crying, screaming, fearful emotions are the ones we remember.

Exercise improves memory and your overall health. When we chant positive affirmations while we exercise it makes us more powerful, and makes the serotonin, noradrenaline, and dopamine increase in the bloodstream. The more we exercise, the more we make the connection of these properties being GOOD. Adding the affirmations makes your exercise more intentional. These boost your mood more than exercise alone!

What kind of affirmations will you use? I just added “Just Dance” to my Apple TV…


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Healthy Brain, Happy Life (1)

I have been reading a great book, Healthy Brain, Happy Life by Dr. Wendy Suzuki. I just finished the first chapter, and I want to share with you my experiences from each one of the “Hacks” (Which are experiments to test out before I go on to the next chapter.) This book is about changing my life for the better, enriching my life and expanding it through experimentation, determination, and healthy habits. What have I done?

Big Motor – Dance Steps, I went to you tube, and found many people are out there trying to help others dance. I learned the “Sponge Bob”. Never heard of it before, but it looked like fun.

Taste- Eat in total darkness, I did not eat in total darkness, but I have been savoring my food. Taste all the ingredients in the food. My husband makes the best “Gravy” or sauce as some people call it. Tasting all those carrots in the sauce, and how they lend the sweetness to the gravy. Let the ingredients dance on my tongue before I devour it.

Cognitive- Moth Radio, Listening to stories engages your imagination, this was my choice…

Visual- Lost in Art for four minutes, I have plenty of art at home, and one of my favorites is my sand sculpture. It is something that changes, just as we all do…sand

Auditory- Listen to music in a foreign language, Listened to pop music in French French Pop

Olfactory- Practice Smelling, since I work in the tasting room most days, recently, I have been breathing in the scent of wine. Trying to pick out all the notes before tasting. Even, taking it one step further, and enjoying the smell of my food before the fork touches my meal.