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Jeremy Mayes

I buy and commission work by artists that I enjoy viewing. I look all around the world instead of focusing in on one area. I try to find the best artist for the job that I envision. Jeremy had some paintings I saw of motorbikes that I just loved. The paintings had a depth that I was seeking. Does the muffler pipe look too hot to touch? Does the paint look fresh on the bike? Is there a personality that can be understood between the art and spectator?

At the time, I was looking for an artist that would paint one of the Lambretta bikes we own. It is a special bike that was a racer, and a favorite of Roberto. I wanted the painting to really showcase the bike, no background, this was all about the bike. The angle shows the piping of the bike beautifully. The light bouncing off the gas tank, the light on the fender, the nubs on the tires, and all that chrome.

Jeremy even painted the Lambretta in watercolor. Watercolor is the unforgiving media. Yet, when a master works with watercolor it is so beautiful. Nothing is taken from the painting. It is crisp, it is fresh, and it speaks to the viewer.


Jeremy has done several pieces of art for me, and he has a great eye. Take a look at his some of his other works here.

Hidden Hills

When we were in our “dream building” phase, one of the things we wanted was an olive grove, and we finally found it. Hidden Hills gave us everything we wanted in an olive grove, we have olives, and a vacation rental. The olive trees are now being taken care of, and lovingly be watched, pruned, watered, and then in November…they will be harvested.


The property has a wonderful history too. The place was built as a bed and breakfast. There was a keeper of the house that grew a garden, and the beds are still on the property. There is a gentleman’s orchard with apple, pear, plum, and nectarine trees. There is a green house, and it was once was filled with the fragrance of basil, vanilla, and flowers. The attendant of the house used to put fresh flowers in each of the rooms, and the cottage. There is a chicken run with hen houses. The attendant would gather eggs from the hens each day.  He made fresh dishes that were made from the food that was gathered from “Hidden Hills“. These are all aspects I love.

The goals for the place…get the olives in great shape for the fall so we can go back to having “Hidden Hills” as a label. We will then be able to sell the olive oil in the tasting room. Fix the barn, and have an intern trade housing for maintaining the gardens, greenhouse, and chickens. Gathering the fresh items to give to each of the vacation rentals. Each of the baskets would include olive oil, wine, fresh herbs, chamomile, lavender, homemade soap, homemade lotion, honey, eggs, and bouquet of flowers. Maybe even a postcard of the property.

There is also a pool, spa, and outdoor kitchen at the property. If you would like to stay at the property, make sure you go to Paso Robles Vacation Rental.

One Pretty Picture

Ok, really it is three photos, but I loved the two with the palm tree to the right. This was my view out of my window at the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley, CA. I was so inspired by the photos that I wanted to buy a book from the gift shop, Guess what? They had zippo books in the gift shop. The lady behind the counter was rather rude too. No suggestions about where I could get a book. I mean, really by the time I got to the elevator I shook off the attitude and thought about looking for one on Amazon. Which is still in my cart. I do love the carts at Amazon. 

This one is probably one of favorites. Sutro tower on the left. 

This one is pretty, but the light wasn’t as beautiful as the one before. Then again, someone else may like this one better. 


One of our upcoming events is one of my dream come true events. During the event planning process we decided that we would not make men wear a suit, and did not have to dance. We are having a band, but people don’t necessarily have to dance if they don’t wish. The party is going to include “Buona Tavola”, an Italian restaurant that is one of the best in the county. Our entertainment for the evening is Dawn Lambeth, which plays big band sounds.  We are holding the festa is in the villa at San Marcos Creek.  We are so excited abou the whole project. I believe the decorating is going to be so fun. and festive for our guests, and the super bonus is the proceeds. will benefit Studios in the Park, where students benefit. from having a place to learn about art. 

Rob Ijbema


Instead of posters on the walls in the rooms of my children I allowed them to select art. One of the themes that my son loves is transportation. Green is his favorite color, and he loves races. The Bentley that he liked was an impressive choice. He really enjoyed the other paintings of Rob, so we purchased a few others.

The perceived motion of the car, the reflection of the windshield…it just looks powerful,  there better not be a human in the way of this car. With it’s broad stance, streamline look, it just sticks to the pavement as it travels across the finish line.

Would you like to see more of his work? Click here

First Mission Project

Children that live in California complete a project all about one of the 21 Missions that line the coast. My son wanted to write his report on Santa Barbara. We went though the book together to try to decide where we would go from Oakland. We would often visit the missions that were close to our area. San Francisco, San Jose, Sonoma, and others, were all in our area. Sergio wanted to do his report on one that was new to the family. 

They were trying something new the year he was writing his report. He loved taking photos since he was really young. So, he wanted to make a movie about the trip. He did his research, and had his camera ready for the trip. I remember like it was yesterday, it was so cold, and we got up so early. He wanted to talk about his trip before we got started. When I was filming him, I forgot to take the lens cap off the camera. UGH! As my husband was driving I looked at the film, only to see that I had royally screwed up his little intro. We would have to wait until we got to Santa Barbara to redo the intro. 

Once we got there, he was like a little pro. We refilled the intro in several different locations. He walked down the front steps as he talked and I filmed. We tried another intro by the fountain, and another on the front lawn. We walked through the mission, and he said his lines just as he wrote them with some sideline items when he would feel like doing a little ad lib, in the moment. 

Once we were all done, it was time to visit the gift shop. We purchased several books and a few souvenirs. I purchased a big bell for myself, and a little bell for Sergio. There was only one big bell there, and he wanted it. I told him if he got an A on his project I would give him the big bell. I selfishly thought he was going to get a B, but he ended up getting an A. I am so proud to have such confident children. Feel a little bad that I wanted to keep the bell to myself. He proudly displayed the bell on his shelf beside one of his cars. The bell is one of his favorite things. It has a great story that goes with it. 

Lindsay Goodwin


I began collecting art when I was in College. Often visiting small galleries, and University galleries and meeting with the artists. I like to think of myself as a modern day Medici. Collecting art and promoting the artists. The best way to show the artists the I love I have for their work is buying the art.

I have purchased many paintings by Lindsay. I have mostly purchased her work through Ella Walton Richardson Fine Art Gallery. One of my favorite paintings that I own from Lindsay is this one. This particular one I asked Ella to get a hold of Lindsay to paint this for me. I had admired this painting for a long time at another gallery, but the painting was already sold. I asked if I could commission Lindsay to paint another rendition of the painting. I just love the way Lindsay portrays the details. The young woman in the mirror bathed in light. Holding the mask near her face so she can see how she is going to look before going to a party. Her beautiful red dress draws the eye of the viewer directly to the subject. There are many other items on her vanity that are interesting to view as well. A picture of a girl in the background, the brass mirror, and the silver chest in the foreground. The reflection and refraction of light on the objects is tough to capture for an artist. Yet, Lindsay does so beautifully. Not only does she captures the warmth of the young woman, but the cold metal objects that are on display for us to view. We are drawn into this private moment. Yet we are not disrupting her from getting ready to go to the ball.