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RiverStar Vineyards


Riverstar Vineyards is an 80-acre ranch located in the heart of San Miguel, in the Paso Robles AVA. There are 60 planted acres of grapes, including six varietals that they use to produce their estate wines. They are a family owned and operated winery, and pride themselves on utilizing the fruit grown on their vineyard to create well balanced and easy drinking wines. Riverstar is a beautiful piece of land, with a scenic meadow in the front of the property that is used for concerts, weddings, and events.

Their boutique tasting room is open Thursdays through Mondays from 11-5, where you can taste their award- winning wines and fun red blends that Riverstar has been known for. They offer a wine and cheese pairing with six of their red wines. They will soon be featuring sparkling wines as well, stay tuned!

Extend your experience at Riverstar by staying in one of their vacation rentals. The “Ranch House” is three bedrooms and two bathrooms with a wrap- around deck, just perfect for watching the gorgeous sunsets over the vines.

The “House on the Hill” is nestled in the middle of the vineyard, with a private pool in the backyard. This home is three bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms, with a fourth room that has a futon and couch to fit all your guests under one roof. More information and photos can be found on our website and on VRBO/

Riverstar is hosting some great concerts this fall. Saturday, September 10, 2016 the Blimp Pilots, a rock n roll cover band, will be playing from 1-4 pm on the meadow. Chaco’s Mexican Grill food truck will be on site cooking up delicious tacos. Bring a blanket or lawn chairs and come hang out with them to listen to some awesome tunes, and enjoy some of their great wines!

The next event will be Saturday, October 15, 2016 and will feature the JD Project from 1-4 pm, as well as Chaco’s Mexican Grill food truck. Come celebrate this year’s successful harvest with live music and flowing wine!

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Our Dying Dog

December 24, 2007 Sadie and Sheba were born. In March of 2008, we made the trip to Northern California to pick up the two of them. We read so much material on Cane Corso. We talked on the phone several times, and emailed the breeder. We were looking for a dog that would be a family friendly dog, and one that would live at the ranch we had in escrow. (We didn’t get that one)

We thought, we would have everything all ready, the truck to haul things and two villa dogs. We used the truck to go pick up the dogs, and we brought our little dogs, a Maltese and Yorkie with us to meet the big dogs. We met the dogs, but just as the breeder told us, they needed time to adjust. We brought them home, and they were so great. We loved them so much. The kids played with them, and they slept in the same house for at least a month. They just didn’t want to sleep in the bigger houses we got them. We also didn’t have the heart to make them stay outside. At the time, we were living in Oakland. We would take them for a walk around the neighborhood, but anytime we were going to San Luis Obispo, we loaded them in the truck, in their crates and took them with us. The whole system was pretty elaborate!!

Sadie and Sheba were always with the family. The two dogs were opposites, and we would talk about what they imagined. They went to bed in their own room, at ten. We would make up stories about them…Sadie always looked like she had something on her mind, and we imagined she had her own blog, and would reedit the pages over and over. Sheba, is more carefree, and we would joke that she probably did not know how to type, but used a blue crayon to draw pictures.


When we finally purchased our property the dogs transitioned from city to country dogs very well. Sadie and Sheba loved running around the 41 acres. It was like freedom they need imagined. When they would finally stop, Sadie looked like she had a smile on her face, which was different since she always had a grimace look naturally.

Earlier this year, Sadie was limping, and at first we were thinking that maybe she just sprained her leg running. About a week later she started lifting that leg up, and not using it at times. At night she was crying while she was trying to get comfortable. We decided we better take her to the vet. The vet told us that her leg was most likely cancer. The only way they could be 100% certain was to take her leg off, and have it biopsied.

He told us we had some tough decisions to make about her, especially since her quality of life would be an issue. We decided to give her the best life we could. She loved running, and for her to lose her leg at her age with the cancer growing would be unfair to her. She took morphine, and an anti-inflammatory. She still went outside, but had a hard time catching her breath after running. She was like a greyhound when she would run. I’ve never seen a big dog run as fast as she could.

A couple of weeks ago, she came inside and panting really hard. I turned on the over head fan, and she caught her breath. Last week, she was eating less, and not drinking as much water. My son took her outside, and when she came back inside, she could not catch her breath again. I got down on the floor, and started petting her. I asked my son to turn on the fan, and I opened the french door. She was lying there on the floor, and I could see in her eyes that she was worried, and more than usual. She walked into her room, and I followed her into her room. I was petting her, and told her…Don’t worry Sadie, we love you, and want you to let go if you feel this is your time”.  She came back into the family room, and she was very restless, just as humans that are dying. I went to wake up my husband and daughter to tell them to make sure they said good bye to Sadie.

Our whole family was gathered in the family room. Everyone petted her, and she went around and put her head on the shoulder of my daughter. She gave Sadie a big hug, and then she put her head in the lap of my husband. Sheba came over to sniff Sadie, and put her head on her for a minute, then moved away from her. Sadie went to the middle of the sofa, and turned her head away from us. My husband and I continued to pet her. Her heart stopped beating, and her four legs went up in the air at the same time. Her nerves were still allowing some breathes of air release from her body. My husband and I carried her to her room, wrapped up her body until we could give her a service the next morning.

Its been a little over a week that we had to say goodbye to Sadie, and Sheba is still healthy. I believe it did a world of good to have Sadie say goodbye on her own terms, and her sister knew what happened instead of having her just missing one day. Sadie was a blessing, and I am grateful for everyday we had with her! Here are some more photos of Sadie….IMG_0110


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In Memoriam

Three of our favorite chickens have lost their little lives this year. IMG_5310

This was Godfather, he was the sweetest rooster. He would follow me around as I fed all the chickens, and he always got a little extra. He would wait until after I fed all the animals in their stalls, then he got an extra helping.


Pimp Daddy, he got his name after he was captured by a coyote. My husband shot the coyote in the leg, and the coyote coughed Pimp Daddy out of his mouth. Pimp Daddy only had an injury to his leg. My daughter and I bandaged him and put him in the nursery to heal. All the hens would come over to the nursery to visit him. He seemed to really exaggerate his limp when the ladies were around his house. He stayed in his special house for 3 weeks. He then left his house to join the rest of the chickens. Now, the poor little guy is gone…RIPIMG_5334

This is Goldie, and she was the first one stolen this year. Our beautiful golden hen. I loved it that she was our super unique look.

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Oedipus The Chicken

Yep, we have a little roster that just won’t leave his mom alone, so we named him Oedipus. Him and his sister are the first chickens to be born on the farm. From what I read, they are supposed to be the healthiest chickens. Since they grow up around their mothers fecal matter, it helps their immune system. It sounds disgusting!  We don’t use any antibiotics or give our chickens any garbage. They are free range, running all over the farm, playing chicken games.

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Goose is a Goner

Farming is hard work…not only do you have to feed, clean, and take general care of the animals, but the losses are the hardest. We had two geese, but the first one was captured by a fox or coyote. We are not sure what got our the first one to get captured.

Our other one, the one that was killed last week was like an additional guard dog. She would spread her wings and gather all the ducks to one spot. If anyone was coming up our country road it would honk before the dogs would bark. If there was an animal on the property that didn’t belong, we heard the goose.

Last week, our son was taking the dogs for a walk and somehow the door was ajar. It was ajar enough to peak the interest of our big dogs, so off on their adventure they went…Outside to chase the chickens. The goose lured the dogs away from all the other chickens and ducks. Our very own dogs killed our poor goose. I can’t even begin to tell you how awkwardly quiet it is here on the farm now. We miss that goose, and I am sure the ducks really miss their guardian.


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Christmas Blogging Miracle

No really, it is true! In 2008, I started blogging. I had a different name and many, many followers. I wanted to log our experience of trying to find a farm, winery, bed and breakfast, museum, along with sharing what I knew about our family history. I spent my nights commenting to other bloggers, every night was a competition with myself to see how many other blogs I could read and comment to each night.

The nights got away from me, and I was up until 3 and 4am. Something had to give. We were in escrow for the first place we wanted, and then it fell out of escrow. Our hopes faded a little, but my blog name had to change. I changed the name of the blog, but lost my followers. Oh sure, in hind sight, I could have emailed all my followers and told them my new URL, but I didn’t. So, I started over.

I have gone to blogging conferences, and I have had so much fun attending them. Bloggy Boot Camp is one of my favorites. I didn’t start my blog to get rich, I just wanted to share my journey. I then thought about sharing what I knew about…art, my new adventures in farming,  bee keeping, my new adventures as a winery owner, taking photographs, making Italian food, genealogy, stories of my kids growing up, gathering everyone for Sunday dinners, and life in our new county. I have many subjects of stories to share. Meeting other ladies at the conferences made the whole experience more fulfilling. Many of us started with Google blogging, and then moved to Word Press. We were meeting many of the people that were followers and friends on Twitter, Face Book, Word Press, Goggle, Tumbler, and Pinterest. We have watched others families grow.

Anyways, I blog in my spare time. I am not a professional, this is my outlet   that happens to be public. On Friday, I have “Family Friday”, it’s the day I share knowledge I have gathered about one of my ancestors. Just recently, my cousin found my site, and commented. She was given up for adoption and had been looking for her family. She knew some history, and enough that led her to find my blog posting. She then took it a step further and contacted me through direct message. I answered, and the two of us exchanged information. I promptly got ahold of my other cousin (her sister) to tell her, and she couldn’t wait to call her. The two of them talked and talked. Now, they are talking and exchanging stories It is a miracle, and a terrific Christmas present for all the lives that have been touched.

So, the moral to this story is, you just never know how you are going to touch the lives of others through your writing. My blog may not make me monetarily rich, but rich in spirit! I feel blessed, I have gained a cousin, and my cousins gain a sister! What could be better? Merry Christmas!!

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Luna, The Cow

We have a cow, and her name is Luna. We brought home the heifer in October, but she has not grown enough to get inseminated. We sent her back to the breeder to fatten her up, so this way she can get pregnant. We just loved waking up to her mooing out in the field, and making friends with the animals that are in the pasture next to hers. She seems to have really taken to Snickerdoodle (Miniature donkey), the two of them even share little bits of hay.

Honestly, I can’t believe I have taken to the farm animals the way I have. I enjoy having them on the farm. Although, we won’t be keeping Luna, I do enjoy the sights and sounds of having her here. I am not fond of the cow manure. IMG_6959

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Pioneer Museum

Recently, I attended an after hours party at the Pioneer Museum in Paso Robles, CA. Before we all got to have appetizers we had a scavenger hunt. There were four groups all the groups had a special color of paper, and we had items we had to find. These kinds of games are fun to me. It was an ingenious way to get to meet others that we have not met. We got to see some cooperation, and some competitive spirit. Most of all it was the small museum. It is called the best kept secret in Paso, but it is a treasure. An interpretation of how the area grew from a land where the Native people of California hunted and gathered, to a small growing town. The history and the items that have been shared with the museum are astonishing. Honestly, I am going to have to go back soon, there was too much to view in a couple of hours.