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Traveling to Tahoe

Recently, my husband and I set off for a little trip to Lake Tahoe. When we lived in the SF Bay Area in only took us about 3 hours to get there, but now we live in Southern California, we have to spend more time in the vehicle to get there.

During this time of the year there is no snow, but the little towns are all a buzz with activity. It has been at least 19 years since we have been up to Tahoe. Our kids have never been in snow. NEVER!

I grew up in the snow, and I just don’t care for it. Ok, ok, I do like when it is falling from the sky. I do like when there’s a light dusting outside, and how the cup of coffee or cocoa feels extra special between my two hands. I do LOVE the sound the sound makes…crunch, CRUNCH, CRUNCH. MMM! I do love the way the moon light hits the snow and the snow seems to twinkle. What was I saying about not liking it? Oh, I remember, when the car is stuck in the driveway, and the only way out is to shovel the snow out of the way first. The weight of the snow is so heavy it has to be removed the roof. It’s so cold outside that the hair inside your nose freeze. It’s so cold that your eyelashes are frozen. It’s so cold that organs in the body are starting to harden…ok, that one might be going a little too far. I really don’t like being cold.

I did forget how damn beautiful the lake is, even if there is no snow. Lake Tahoe is such a pretty blue color. The backdrop of the mountains behind the lake is pretty exquisite too. If the water was just a wee bit more still, the photo would have been even more fantastic with a reflection of the mountains.

I love living in California, even with our crazy broken system, it’s pretty damn gorgeous here.

Wish you were here….


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