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World Of Pinot Noir, Santa Barbara, CA

Pinot noir is the ultimate wine to have at the table. It’s a white wine masquerading as red…[while] chardonnay is a red masquerading as a white. Kevin Zraly.

World of Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is one of those exquisite wines that goes well with so many food options. You also have to know which one has the qualities that you are looking for to pair with your foods that are on your plate. You are not just pairing your Pinot Noir with your meat, you’re pairing it with all the items on your plate. If there are guests at the table, you are also looking for the right Pinot to elevate all the dishes. If you all are having salads, I would choose a Pinot Noir that is a rose’.

The acid and structure of the wine will balance well with a salad with some pomegranates seeds for an extra little punch. Then again, your taste my take you in another direction. Enjoying wine is all about what you like, and what your friends will like on that given day that you choose your bottle. If your table is going to be mostly order red meat, and even a chicken with some herbal notes, I would go for a Beaune, Cote D Or, Pinot Noir. IMG_0562

The ultimate is going to the World of Pinot Noir in Santa Barbara, this way you will be able to taste many different types of Pinot Noir from all around the world. It’s a two day event with symposiums as well. Make sure you make reservations early.

Here are some of the photos I took of my favorites from a few weeks ago…IMG_0566


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