Happiness Project

Where’s the Time Gone?


Sophie and Muffasa 

So much has transpired since my last post. Sophie (our Cane Corso), continues to grow, and she still loves the cats, but Muffasa is her favorite cat.


I enjoy living in the moment, and one day when I went to pick up my mail these two sisters were working at knitting. I ask them if it was ok to snap their photo. I just love the juxtaposition of their habits and the wall behind them. Plus, they are just so happy!

Baby goats

We had some baby goats on the farm (Terreni D’ Oro).

KRUSH radio

Roberto and I were on The Krush 92.5. We were talking about our wine and our new label. Actually, Roberto did most of the talking that day.


I was in Napa for a wine blogging conference. It was a cloudy day in the beginning, but super pleasant right about noon.

Wine Symposium

Demetra and I went to Wine Speak in Paso.  We listened to several Master Sommeliers, and saw many people that are local favorites.

Cookie Baking in the Villa

We started hosting cooking classes in the villa. This photo was from our cookie baking class. Of course we had a few glasses of wine while we learned to bake cookies. LOL

I went to Vegas, and passed my WSET II class.

We had more goats.

I have also been busy renovating and then decorating our farm house at Terreni D Oro. This will be an additional place our club members can stay when they come to Paso Robles.


Happy Birthday Demetra

Demetra had her birthday, so we wanted to make it special for her.

1st Artisanal Market Sunday

Last month we had our very first Artisanal Market Sunday. We plan to hold one every month. So, mark your calendars for the third Sunday of the month from 12 to 3.


We got some chicks. Once I post more about the chicks, I’ll have to tell you the story of our first 100 chickens. This time we have learned our lesson.

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