Happiness Project

Fun Photo’s

Here is a little gallery of photos that I have taken recently…


Here’s how Luna and Stella are growing. Our mother and daughter cows are really getting large…IMG_9521

I poured wine at the Paso Robles Horse Park…

Timed the jump perfectly…


Spent a whole day looking for matching fountains, found the fountains, then dropped them off at the winery.


Got all the decorating done for the hall, and was very happy about it…


Graduation weekend was beautiful, started with a Mass, then my son was so sick in the morning that he thought he might not make it to his own graduation. I had to serve him chicken noodle soup in bed, but he made it to graduation.

The view out of the window at the Presidio in San Francisco, CA.


My girlfriend invited me to the Styx and REO Speed-wagon concert…


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