Happiness Project

Farm Plans…

“Family farms and small business are the backbone of our communities.” Tom Allen


This is Tinkerbell with her recent baby. Her baby is a female, all black with golden eyebrows. She is a beauty! Our  females are kept, but the males are sold or castrated so we can keep them.

So, what’s the future for the farm? Well, first we need fences for our chicken area, so we can have chickens on the farm again. We learned our lesson about having chickens free range on a 42 acre farm. The area will also include little garden areas for the chickens. We will plant special herbs and grasses just for them. We will have rotation areas where they can eat, then go back to their coops.

There’s a two area area in front of our guest house that will become our lavender field. We will sell the lavender, and also utilize it in our goat milk soap. We already have bees on our farms, and we will have more hives once we have more flowers. Chamomile is another herb we will have on the farm too.

Olive, apple, pear, and grapes will make this a nice family farm. We will have an intern living on the farm that will take care of Terreni D’ Oro Estate Farm, and hopefully our intern will turn into an employee. Our first priority is getting the winery in its strongest position. In the next five years, people will be able to come visit the farm and the animals.


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