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Morelli Family Sunday

I’m going to introduce you to the dishes we cook at home, and some that Cesarina (my mother in law) taught me to make. I mean, joining an Italian family, you have to know how to cook food that momma knew how to do. One thing about Ceasarina…she knew how to cook good food, and utilized what she had on hand to do it. I love cooking, my husband loves to cook. Our children went to culinary art camp. They make dinners for us when we are going to be getting home late from the winery.

Since we have a winery, I’ll also pair some fine wine with dinners. We do drink wine from other wineries. I am partial to French wines, and California wines, but always willing to try something new.

Our Sunday time together is a time to come back together. When our children were young we instilled the importance of gathering around the table to have dinner together. Our dinner time was always at 5:30. Since our kids were involved in activities and some sports we had to change the schedule to fit the activities and/or sports, but everyday we ate together. The only day we ate away from the table was Friday. It was always our pizza and movie night.

Now, the kids are grown up, and we still want to have special time with them. So, our time to share a meal is Sunday. We know everyone is going to be gathered together and share our crazy lives and laugh. It is so wonderful to have such a warm and loving family and hold on to at least a weekly tradition.

My hope is that you will love our “Morelli Family Sunday”, and join us for the rest of the week as we share our lives with one another.

Warm wishes,



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