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There is nothing like

“There is nothing like sitting back and talking to your cows.” Russell Crowe the cows really are very special here on the farm. We love our girls Luna and Stella. Recently, I asked Sabrina if she would like to sell Luna and Stella to buy fencing for our field.

She agreed that it would be more important to sell the girls and utilize the money to fence in a bigger pasture area for more cows. I mean the whole business of farming and just about any other business is reinvesting in the business. Anyway, I thought the best way to approach this is to ask some people that I knew were experts. I am a city girl adjusting to being a farmer, winery owner, and all around county person.

I asked one of the cattlemen that has been here for generations. I asked him what could I possible get for the the two cows. I was thinking….we paint 2,500 for Luna, and now she has an eight month old female calf. Luna is a proven mom, and Stella will be of age to get pregnant soon. Honestly, I was thinking a reasonable price would be $4,000. Well, apparently, I was way off base. He asked me “Are your cows on the freeway?” No, I said…they are on the farm. He was cracking up laughing. I didn’t understand what was so funny. He then said “Ahh honey, freeway means that they are on the freeway program. You have one calf with all four on the ground, and the mother is pregnant. It is the freeway program.” Oh, I see…

He then proceeded to tell me that the two of them would only sell for about 1200. What? After I have been feeding them all this time? He told me the best thing to do is to keep the girls, and then in November get them away from the house, and put them out to pasture. There is a bull at one of the nearby ranches, so the girls would be pregnant together. Being a farmer is expensive, so the next time you go to the grocery store, think about where your food comes from, and appreciate it. IMG_9201

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