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E. Heller

“A picture is a work of art, not because it is “modern,” not because it is “ancient,” but because it isa sincere expression of human feeling.” John F. Carlson

Was an artist from Paris, France, and this painting was done around 1899. IMG_9610

It depicts a cardinal playing the violin. Heller often depicts cardinals. I left it in the original frame, I loved the look of the antique, imperfect frame. I also adore seeing the folds of the fabric of his robes. The richness of the red, the light and shadow playing of the fabric. You can sense how heavy the fabric of the robe is, and the language of the robe being, the man wearing it is willing to spill his blood for the Pope. The heavy burden of bearing the weight is expressed in the robes. The Cardinal is caught in the middle of running his bow across the strings. The anticipation of the spectator is never quenched except in the imagination we are always waiting for the music to begin.

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