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If People Call You Weird

“If people call you weird, say Thank you!” Ellen DeGeneres.

Well, I was called weird everyday when I was younger. I really embraced it at an early age. It bothered my sister more than it bothered me. I knew I was different. People were uncomfortable with my weirdness.

I didn’t play baseball or basketball like my sister or brother. I joined soccer to get an international newspaper. I was difficult to get along with, I’m not sure why. I just had boundaries that I couldn’t adjust. I couldn’t eat food that touched. I still don’t to this day.

I talked my dad into buying wine for our Thanksgiving dinner when I was in fourth grade. I chose Earnest and Julio Gallo, it wasn’t the giant jug, it was a bottle. I don’t remember the variety. I just remember how proud I was that my dad was willing to try wine with our dinner. It was my attempt to bring some European sophistication to our table. LOL

Once, I got into a fist fight over a poetry book. We just got to go into the book mobile and get a free book. I loved this huge book of poetry, and could wait to get home to read and reflect. A girl (I thought was a friend) wanted my book. She told me she would kick my ass if I didn’t give her the book. Are you kidding me? I can’t believe I fought her to keep the book. I didn’t win the fight or the book. What a bitch… I did have a bloody shirt to take home. Yeah!

Well, I might be weird, but I enjoyed getting where I am today.

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