Happiness Project

Picnic Lunch

So, one thing I have learned over the many years I have lived. Make the most of everyday. My husband and I work most days together. Most days are good days, but there are a few that really suck!

One thing that makes our days a little more special is a picnic lunch. I make us a lunch in our little stainless steel boxes so we don’t use plastic, and I pack everything in our picnic basket. We also have our little cloth napkins, and forks, and spoons if we need special utensils.

We have our breakfast with the kids. They are high school children, so they eat at the island…my son reads the Wall Street Journal and Market Watch. My daughter shares video, and my husband and I share news of the day. It makes the day a beautiful start for us…kinda modern meets old world. The kids are reading their phones, and we are reading from our iPad.

My husband and I have lunch together…


Then in the evening, all of us have dinner together. No one is allowed to have any digital devices at the table. Everyone helps to get dinner on the table, set the table, pick out a table cloth, napkins, etc. We all help to clear the table too. Our dinners are pretty fun. There is usually lots of laughter at our table. Cease the Day…make everyday an exceptional one! Stop allowing the for ordinary and go for extraordinary!

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