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Francis Ford Coppola

Recently, my son and I went to Francis Ford Coppola Winery. We took the 101 up to Sonoma. We had to pass over the beautiful Golden Gate.


It was foggy, and we argued with the GPS. It wanted us to take anther way to get to the Golden Gate Bridge, but we followed the signs. Well, the signs are a little outdated…there is still an exit sign for “Candle Stick Park”. We had to stop for an emergency bathroom break…me. I was also being told by my car that I looked tired and I needed a break. Are you kidding me? I really did have to take a “pee pee break”. LOL!

We rolled up to the winery, and over the thousands of pebbles…which sound so beautiful. I don’t know what it is about driving over the tiny pebbles, but I love the sound. Anyway, we walked up to the “Welcome Center”, and we were greeted by the friendliest  young lady. I wish I could be that nice to everyone. Honestly, I just don’t always come out as a warm and fuzzy person. This young lady did!


We were there to meet some of the staff of the winery. We had a V.I.P. experience. We checked into the studio, and had people to meet right away after our arrival.  We were taken on a behind the scenes tour.

The bottling line was amazing! We also saw the barrel room, and tank rooms. Check out the forest of tanks…IMG_9677

We also got to visit 2 of three of the vineyards and wineries owned by Francis Ford Coppola. We ate dinner at the restaurant, which was fabulous! Toured the vineyards, had a reserved table, and got to do a special tasting. It was a magical experience. Here are a few more photos we took of our adventure…


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