Happiness Project

California Quail

The other day, I was in my office working, and all the sudden I starting hearing a beautiful call. The call of a quail, he was saying Chi-ca-go, over and over. It was so beautiful, I had to grab my camera and take a photo of him.

IMG_9621 2

There are two families of quails that live on the farm. This one lives in the stack of branches of the Oak tree that we had to cut down, because it died. We wanted to leave the branches so the birds would have homes until we have more trees planted. The Oak tree lost a huge branch, and then we discovered that it was at it’s end stage. Ground squirrels are terrible on tress, they burrow under the roots of the tree, and kill them. We love trees, and try to do what we can to save them. This one was too far gone to help. The birds love it, they have safe homes from predators.

Aren’t they beautiful birds?

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