Happiness Project

Classes for April

We have so much going on at our event center, aka “Casa Dell Arte”. We have Rebecca teaching a paint and sip class. The little blue bird is lovely. We are offering the class twice in April. Once on the 6th, and once on the 20th. Members get $5 off the class.

Spring_diptych_right_horizontal We are offering Open Studio twice in April too, this is a chance to meet new people, and bring your own crafts. You have a choice to either bring your own supplies or buy arts and craft supplies here. You can buy pencils and coloring book for $15.00. Plus you will get a glass of wine and some light snacks. Maybe you are in the mood for painting something, you can buy a canvas, and use our aprons, paints, and paint brushes. You will also have an easel to use. All of this for $25, and a glass of wine. If you feel like sewing, you can buy a Tubby Wubby, which has the directions, stuffing, threaded needle, and everything you need.  This craft is $8.  You are also welcome to bring your own craft, and just $10 for a glass of wine. Meet some new friends, and bring some of your own!



Want to paint a cupcake? We will be painting a beautiful cupcake on the 14th of April. This is an artist lead class, so you will have everything you need to create a little masterpiece to take home with you.


Rebecca Ruggle will be back to lead a class in her creation…Tubby Wubby. We will create little lambs on 22nd, “Stitch and Sip”, we have everything you need for the class. This is just in time for Easter.




We also have string art, which is super exciting. We are going to be hammering and learning how to do this fun craft on the 21st of April. Members get $5 off the art and craft events, and anyone staying on our property at Reale Leone, Crush Pad, or the Villa will also get $5 off.  Go to Casa Dell Arte to book one or all the classes, we look forward to seeing you there. Screenshot_20170314-192026

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