Happiness Project

Antonio Vivaldi

Since I was young, I have appreciated the decor in the homes of others. I remember items from the homes of people I love and have loved. Usually, a particular item in their collection speaks to me, about them.

An example would be my grandmother had a print on her wall that I loved. It was Pont Nerf. When the adults were in a conversation that I believed was boring, I would get lost for a little bit in that piece. I would count the people, study the arches and the reflection of the arches in the water. Admire the architecture that was in the background. Imagine what it was like to walk along the bank of the river, and wonder about the depth of the water. How swift was the water?  Is the current like a washing machine or is it calm? I’ve been looking for the painting that is close to the print, but I still have not found it.

One of my aunts had a sunburst clock on her wall. Another aunt had a ship inside a bottle that sat on the coffee table for years. If I have ever been to your house, I am sure there is something about your house that has struck me. There is something about every house that reminds me of a person. I have collected art that reminds me of people in my life, and when I see the painting, it reminds me of a moment in my life, an experience I don’t want to forget.


This piece is no different. In fact this one reminds me of two people. One of my friends that always played Vivaldi when we ate, and another friend that owned one of these vellum music sheets. I was enthralled when he introduced me to the piece, and knew I had to have one when I got older.

So, the next time you are at my house, you may see a piece that reminds you of home….but it reminds me of you. Even though there may be miles and miles between us, I have a little memento of our time together.

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