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Is the Cost of Summer Camp Worth It?

During the school year my children did not participate in too many after school activities. My husband and I believed that doing well in school was more important, and having fun after school. Our children went to the park, played in the backyard, and rode on their scooters for hours.

When March rolled around, so did all the catalogs for camps. We would comb through the pages and pages of offerings. Residential, day camps, and/or classes. We did a little of each, as well as time for just rest and relaxation.

Our kids did sport camps, karate camp, horse camp, cooking classes, acting classes, wood shop, really…you name it, my kids have probably been in the class or camp. They loved culinary arts, and several years in a row both of the them loved it. Plus, they were cooking since they did Montessori Preschool at home. They helped me pick each leaf off the basil when I made pesto. We would talk about anything and everything during those hours in the kitchen making pesto.

Recently, we don’t get home during our regular dinner hour. My husband I have to stay at the winery a little longer than closing time, or we will have someone at the Inn that we need to wait for their arrival. So, we will text our kids to let them know when we will be coming home.

Just a few weeks ago, I was holding on to some beautiful basil. Waiting for just the right time to make my homemade pesto. I came home to this…IMG_9198

Do you see the basil? I asked…What happened to my basil? My son says “I made pesto, and tortellini.” Honestly, I was thinking “OMG!” He had the dinner in the warming drawer, and put it on the table that the kids had ready.

I was a little hesitant to take a bite, but I tried it. It was delicious! He did a great job. Summer camp is worth the money. Spending time with them cooking and them participating in the process…ahhh! It makes me feel great to know that they loved the moments we shared. They also enjoyed the choices they made about going to each camp and classes. I have two wonderful children. I couldn’t be more proud of their accomplishments!


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