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How Not to Loose Track of Your Children

If you are a parent, you have probably had one of those days.  You have one million things on your mind…homework, breakfast, lunch, calendar…somedays, it just too much.

It was a foggy morning in the SF Bay area, or maybe it was just my mind that was foggy, I don’t remember. I do remember that the kids were dressed in their uniforms and waiting for me. I just started parking my car across the street. So, I would go open the gate for the minivan. pull out the minivan. Get out of the car, and close the wrought iron gate. Get back in the car, and drive around the park to pick up the kids.

This particular day, I did all the same things, except I got on the freeway, and was heading to school. As I was getting closer to the school…I thought…the kids are so quiet today. I look in the back seat, no kids. OMG! I forgot my children at home.

I go back home as fast as possible. I wasn’t speeding, just going the fastest speed limit. I pull up to the house, and the kids come out to the mini van laughing. UGH! It would be defeating to punish myself for this one time lack in keeping track of my kids. Now, it’s hysterical, but at the time, it wasn’t as funny. IMG_8765

How could I forget my own children? So, my advice to all younger parents…keep a bell on those little people! LOL!

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