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Rhone Rangers of Paso

So, recently our winery joined the Rhone Rangers. Since we have several Rhone varieties to share. We offer our Syrah, Petite Syrah, and Grenache Rose. Hopefully in the fall we will have a Rhone Cuvee to offer as well.

I had lunch with an awesome group of people, and the speakers were mostly winemakers. Each one of them gave us a little history about the varietal they were growing, how it was grown, the challenges growing the variety, and how well Paso Robles is suited to grow the variety.

After lunch, we were pouring for the public. There were so many informed consumers of Rhone varieties. It was so much fun to talk to the people, and pour wine for people that knew what the liked, but also willing to try something new from a different terrior then they were used to tasting.

Here are some photos of our event…

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