Happiness Project

It’s Just Been Bananas Lately…

We have had to move our goats up to the stalls, and then down to the pasture so much lately. Our rains have been lasting for days at a time, so we want to keep the animals dry. Especially the pregnant goats. We have to make sure they are dry, and the bedding is dry…just in case the babies come early.

The orchard is blooming and looking so beautiful, but the ground squirrels are multiplying by the day, and ready for the any fruit that grows on the trees. Until I eliminate the squirrels, I won’t have one apple to eat.


I have an appointment to obtain more queens for our bee boxes, and with all the rain there are so many flowers, and there will be plenty of flowering plants and trees throughout the year. I hope we have a few more rains before the end of the season.

Both of our cows Luna, and her daughter Stella are doing well. Stella will be able to get pregnant in November. I hope that she will be as good as a mother as Luna has been. Luna will also be able to get pregnant come November. We want to buy several heifers in the spring, so we will have a little herd of our own.



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