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John Huntington

John Huntington was born in Norwich, Connecticut to Christopher Huntington and Ruth Rockwell on March 15, 1666. He married Abigail Baker Lathrop on December 9, 1686. She was the daughter of Samuel Lathrop and Elizabeth Scudder and was born in May 1665. As the records show, John was a man who commanded the respect and esteem of his fellow townsmen. On Dec 21, 1691 he was appointed constable in Norwich.

We know very little else, except that he died between 1695 and 1703. Eva C. Johnson’s Huntington book (Springville, UT) lists his death date as October 4, 1696. We know that he had passed away by 1703 because the record of the General Assembly held at New Haven on October 1703 states the following, “This court doth remit to the widow Abigail Huntington, what is due from her estate to the colony by the seizure of the inspector of Norwich, what is due from her estate is left out of the list to now added.” Abigail was a widow for many years and died November 19, 1745.

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