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Our Special Door

Our house in Oakland was  under construction for 10 very long months. Sometimes, it was exhausting finding just the right materials. Our architect would send us one missions to find the tiles, doors, windows, carpet, etc. This particular time, we were on a hunt for our front door.  We had to go find a door that we wanted, and thought fit the house. Our house had European flare, so we wanted that reflected in the door. We spent a lot of time looking online before we went out looking for the one.

We saw there was one in the Moraga, Orinda CA area, so we set out to see the showroom ourselves. When we got there it was raining, so we told our very small children to shake off their umbrellas, and put them in the umbrella stand before we went inside. The older gentleman had a tin foil hat on his head. Yep, that is what I said…Tin foil on his head.

In the beginning I was thinking maybe he saw we had small children and he was being entertaining in his own way. One thing you learn really quick in California is…Don’t ask too many questions if you are not ready for the answer.

As we talked about the VERY high price of the door. We talked about how the door came from a forest where the people of the forest are given a fair trade price for the doors. Hence, this was the reason for the high price. We were then talking about the opening, and the measurements, and still he had on the foil hat. I was wondering when he was going to be funny. Then my son, he was about three at the time ask the question all of us were dying to know. Why do you have the foil hat on your head?

Oh boy, he then stated to tell us that since it was raining the aliens had special powers that could get into our heads. My son covered his head. I told my son “he is just kidding.” The little old man then started to explain the seriousness of the situation, and how I should protect the children. He told us with a straight face…  “Always know where your foil is!!” OMG! I almost started busting out with laughter. I couldn’t even look at my husband. This guy was the only guy around in the East Bay that had the door we wanted. I didn’t wan to offend him, and I just wanted to order the door.

My daughter started getting cranky, and he said the littlest one is feeling the vibrations from the aliens. I gave my husband the LOOK. He then politely told the gentleman that we had to go.  We did finally get to order the door. The little old man continue to talk as we were leaving his shop. He even accompanied us to the car. picture-1

We finally got the door, but the hinges were on the wrong side. We had to send the door back, and wait for a main door for Three weeks. We were pretty grateful that we had another temporary door.

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