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Maureen Crofts


There is usually a story behind the reason why a person is drawn to a painting, and this one is no exception. I love art. I have loved art since I was very young. I am not good at it, but I enjoying looking at art, studying art, and collecting art. Once captivated by a particular artist I want that artist to know that I am supporting their gift. Often, I buy more than one of their pieces. Art is not just beneficial to the artist, but also the admirer of the art. When we allow ourselves permission to drift into the art, it can take us to other places.

This painting was the first one I purchased from Maureen. It reminded me of the place my husband and I first met. We actually crossed paths on Yahoo. In the mid 90’s,  we emailed each other first, until I got the nerve to call him. After we finally talked on the phone, we phone dated before we met in person.

When the time came to meet in person, we both had the same place in mind. We decided we would meet at the clipper ships in San  Francisco. There is also an old fashion clock right before the dock. We thought it was best to meet in the morning, in case we decided that we did not like each other we would still have the rest of our own day.  Neither of us knew that the clock was rolled out each morning. When I arrived, he was already there, but I was wondering if I was in the right place since the clock was not out there. I walked down the hill where the clipper ships were, and they finally started rolling the clock out on the street. They told us they had to put the clock away at night so no one would steal it.

Both of us had gifts for the other. We took a look at our gifts, he got me a huge bear, and I got him a wizard. We had a great time…

Although the ship Maureen painted is a British ship is looks so strong. Just look at it long enough, and one can almost hear the creaking of the old wood. Smell the salty air filling the lungs. The sail billowing reminds one of a crisp morning. This painting is a watercolor which is even more astounding, it take such skill to paint in watercolor since it is unforgiving. If you would like to learn more about Maureen and her art click here.

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