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Being a Landlord

Nothing makes me more pissed than people generalizing. All landlords are bad, greedy, and mean. Just like any other group of people, we are not ALL bad, greedy, or mean. Just like not all are anything. Why do people insist on generalizing, and stereotyping people? I just don’t get it.

Not only do we pay bills for the complex, but also the property tax, insurance, and maintenance. The property tax for a property goes up with every purchase.

Being a landlord is a tough job. Trying to gage people, and not make a decision that will cost thousands of dollars. We recently just sold our last apartment building. One the years we have owned several. When we have purchased buildings in the past, I have been in charge of renovating them, and then flipping them.

Once a building is purchased, I wait until someone moves to renovate the whole apartment. I am not one of the owners that kick people out, I just allow people to leave in a more organically. First, I purchase what needs to be done, new appliances, etc. Once the original people leave, then I gut the whole place. img_0418

Take everything out, and then go shopping. I did all the shopping myself. Finding light fixtures, carpet, appliances, granite, tile, paint, blinds, and anything else that I felt the apartment or townhouse needed. Once everyone was done, and it was all cleaned, it is ready for advertising to the public.

This is the time that is a mixed bag. Sometimes I meet the nicest people, and sometimes I meet the weirdest people. One time I met a young lady and her two friends, and we ended up talking to each other for two hours. We all had a lot in common, and she ended up taking the apartment.  I once met a guy that told me he was an ambassador of a foreign country, and would not leave the apartment. He showed me his Identification, to prove he was an ambassador. UGH! I told him, I have to go pick up my children, If you don’t leave right now, I’m calling the police. After making carpet angels, he finally got up off the floor, and left the complex. I just never knew what kind of person would come to the interview. Sometimes, people would make appointments, and never show up at all.

Once they are accepted, it guarantees nothing. I have had some great tenants, and some that just didn’t pay for one reason or another. I have had tenants that have left on good terms, and even emailed me years after they were tenants. I have had tenants that called me a few years after they left on good terms, and ended up renting again from me. Then, I have had some real strange ones…a guy was the one that was such a pain. His wife was so nice, and she was the one that worked. He stayed home, and complained about anything and everything. I sent our maintenance guy, and then he would tell me his timing was all wrong. Also proceeded to tell me about how he couldn’t hide his sex paraphernalia. REALLY? Why would you need to tell me that information? I could tell you so many other stories about him…YIKES!

There was a young mom, that I really liked. I don’t know what it was about her, but she seemed so genuine. Come to find out, she had lots of children. She told me she only had one. She was constantly late with the rent. She just got caught up in a swirl of owing rent. I finally had to tell her that I needed her to leave.

We have lost thousands of dollars, and mostly because I believed in some of the people that we had living at the various apartment complexes. Trying to give people chances, hoping we would make a difference in their lives. I have always rented an apartment thinking “If I had to live here, I would be happy here.” So, when people say “All landlords are greedy, I say to myself…they are ignorant, and don’t know any better. I believe in being fair, and giving people the best place to live for a fair price. I create communities among the complexes. These people really care for one another. That’s what I enjoy creating, a community.


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