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Pick up Party

Just last weekend, we had our “pick up party”.  A time when members gather and pick up their club shipments. We had Javed Kabab Paradise, food truck on the back patio. The food was so delicious, and the people serving the food were divine. I had the Chicken Naan Wrap with sliced tomatoes, onions, lettuce, hot sauce and mint sauce. The food truck is self described as Pakistani and Indian Fusion Food. Let me tell you, it works.


Jerry Craig was our DJ for the day. He set up for Karaoke. Honestly, I have never done karaoke, but I thought it might be fun to do something different. Jerry was great at keeping everyone happy with a huge selection of songs. There were lots of members that walked away with some fun memories, bellies full, and their wine to take home.


Sunni and I managed the tasting room where people came to taste wine, pick up the orders, and talk. The crowds came in waves, with people in the tasting room all day long. We were so busy that the young lady managing the food truck brought food to us.

Roberto (my husband) and Sam Balderas (one of the top 100 wine markers in the WORLD), were outside pouring wine for all the members that came to enjoy the day and pick up their six packs or case. The guys were out there having fun in the sun, and watching people sing, relax, and play bocce ball.



Here are some photos I took when I got a few chances to sneak out of the tasting room. I couldn’t get photos of everyone, since Sunni and I were so busy in the tasting room. We were so glad that there were so many happy people. If you didn’t make it to this party, plan on joining us soon. The atmosphere in the place is electric, the wine in fabulous, and we always have great food at our parties.

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