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Anderson Lovejoy

My fourth great grandfather. He was born in 1814, and the child of Edward Lovejoy  (he was 37)and Mary Moate Weathersby (she was 26). Anderson and Mary had 11 children. The two of them and their families witnessed “The panic of 1837”. Banks shut their doors, unemployment skyrocketed, it was an economic depression.

When he was 24 he married Elenor, then married Mary Ann Hatton when he was 29. In 1843 Anderson Married Mary Ann in Marion, Georgia. In 1845 they are back in Virginia. In 1847 the family goes bak to Georgia after the death of father of Anderson passes. By 1850 the family is back in Virginia.

In 1860 Anderson and his family lived on a farm, and he worked as a farmer in Virginia. During the Civil War, Anderson enlisted as a private in Company G, West Virginia 7th Cavalry Regiment to fight for the Union on January 20, 1862 for a three year term. In April 1862, Anderson was wounded in battle at Mud River. Anderson was admitted to the Hospital at Middletown on July 5, 1862. Anderson received a Disability Discharged on September 18, 1862 because he was unfit for duty for the past two previous months due to Sciatica. Sciatica refers to pain, weakness, numbness, or tingling in the leg. It is caused by injury to or compression of the sciatic nerve. He had been stationed at Fort McKinney in Maryland at the time of his discharge. He was 6′ .5″ tall, had a dark complexion, black eyes, dark hair and had been a farmer before joining the military.He applied for a Civil War Pension on April 16, 1877.



In 1870 he and his family are still working on the farm in Virginia. At 64 years old he is a mail carrier. In 1900 he is living with family in Georgia. in 1903 he passes, and is buried in Georgia.

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