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Down on the Farm

We had rain! It’s not such a being deal to east coast people, but it’s huge to those of us that live in California. As with most things in life, there are good and bad. The farm has little blades of grass already poking through the soil. The animals are happy, and so is the orchard.

One of our oak trees broke off at the base, and blocked our road. Our private drive is about a quarter mile up the hill to our house. The broken oak tree had to be moved before everyone was leaving. My husband pulled out our Kabota, and pull the part of the tree out of the road. img_8808

It took a while to move the tree, since it was so huge. We moved all the remaining pieces by hand. Our little Kabota is a work horse. Well, we work pretty hard too. img_8810

This is the inside of the tree.

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