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Growing Up…

My baby is a senior in high school. I went to the first of many parent/student functions, and I didn’t cry. Usually, I am the mom that is crying. Oh, it is so emotional for me. UGH! Just a few weeks ago, I had to put together the senior page for my son. After I wrote the paragraph, and really, they only give you room for a paragraph! I was a blubbering mess.

How can it already be time for him to graduate? Remembering how he was such a great baby. The kid slept through the night. We had a little ritual, I fed him his bottle, and my husband gave him a bath. Then, as I got him all dressed for bed, my husband would get him little womb bear ready, and use a special heating pad to get his little crib warm. We had the lights down low, and would sing him a little song. He would sleep from 11 until 6 am.

He was helpful to other kids that felt alone. When we would go to the park, he would always gravitate to the kid that was playing alone. I would meet other moms that also did not have their children enrolled in preschool. We would meet at various parks throughout  the SF Bay Area. He didn’t attend preschool, instead we did Montessori at home. There were days that we went to the park, usually on Thursday, and every Friday we attended the zoo. We would work on a different letter of the week, and make a dish of food that began with the letter, work on the words in sign language that began with the letter, and study an animal that began with the letter.  We not only made food together, gardened, crafts, but also our own homemade play dough. I love every minute that I had with them at home. I was so grateful that that time was our time to share.

He was always so brilliant at talking to me while I was cooking. He would talk to me about how much love went into my food, and ask what exactly I put into the dish I was making. He would tell me about his day at school, all while standing on a chair as I was stirring or cutting, or doing some prep work. I would remember that he was supposed to be doing homework. He would go back to doing his homework, and in no time he was back over by me making conversation. Oh, the explaining I had to do to teachers throughout the years. LOL! He just had me beat….

We always did everything as a family. We did not leave our children with other people. When I needed some time and space. My husband would even tell me…go do something with your friends. I would go see a movie or go to dinner, just a few hours away was like a min vacation. I also had my writing. My husband and I had long conversations about how we wanted to raise our children, and we followed though with that plan. We believe that our family is tighter because of it. We never forced them to play any sport they didn’t want to play. Our son tried so many things, he loved fencing, like karate, thought soccer was ok. Attended art camp, science camp, horse camp, residential camp and soccer camp. I believe  he had a rich experience, and I hope he believes he did.

Once we moved from the Bay Area to the Central Coast, he really got to spread his wings. he got an internship, learned some great things, met some wonderful people. He has loved high school, and has already passed his real estate exam, notary exam, and is the public relations director for the chamber of commerce. My baby wants to change the world, and I believe he can. If he believes he can do it, no one can stop him!

I couldn’t ask for a better son! I am eternally grateful for being allowed to be his mom, and I will continue to be humble and grateful to be given such a treasure to help mold before he  is on his own. What a gift to have been given for so many years to have in my presence everyday. It’s going to be hard not to see his face everyday, and hear his laugh, but I know he will be doing something to make the lives of other people better. What more could I ask of him? img_8738



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