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Finding Time

Lately, everything has been a blur. I finished decorating the villa, and opening it for guests to stay. We also had harvest…what a busy season that is…

We had music at our venue Robbie Duganne. We loved his and his other players. They even played some original music, it was very cool. We served pesto chicken sandwiches, and offered salad as well as other hour d’oeuvres. We were pretty crowded, and we even had people on the patio.

Last weekend, we were pretty sure we would not be busy at all, but more and more people were coming into the winery. Those are things we can’t complain about, it’s great business.

We love working at the winery because there are so many different things to do. Ok, the mundane things that have to be done are not FUN. Cleaning the bathroom, emptying the trash, washing the dishes, sweeping the sidewalk…alright, I’ll admit they are not fun. In those tasks, I do find a little solitude.

We are awaiting the birth of our calf on the farm. Luna is due any day now.  The other farm animals are doing alright. Since we need another fence before we obtain any more chickens, we are being patient. Once Luna has her calf, we are going to have to move the female goats to the pasture with Luna so that Willie (sire goat) doesn’t get attacked by Luna. Willie Nelson and Luna are best of friends right now, but once Luna has her baby…she won’t be a bestie any longer.

It hasn’t been easy finding time lately to write. I love to write, and take photos but business is consuming all my time. My usual time that I allow myself to write has been consumed by shopping for property.

We sold our last apartment building. We owned 5 complexes, and have traded them for other properties. Our last trade has resulted in purchasing an olive orchard. I still have to find a few more properties to trade into, so until that is all done. I am going to be limited on time dedicated to writing.

I did buy myself a crock pot recently, because my children complained that they missed spending time gathering around the table with us. I felt so bad! I purchased a crock pot, and we have been spending our quality dinner time together again.


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