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Cesarina XVI

We had to hire a nurse for Cesarina, she needed more than I could give her. The nurse came in at night, and we also had a hospice help us as well. Sergio was in Kindergarten, so after school we would go see her, and talk to her about school, and what was going on in our lives.

Hospice was one of the best things we could do for her. The people were so nice too. Oct. the 8th 2002 the doctor told us that Cesarina only had six months to live, but she made it for a year!

The last day that she was with us, was a beautiful day. The hospice people came and gave her a bath, and she asked for her medicine. One of the ladies took me aside and told me that since she was so restless, it wasn’t going to be long. I asked Roberto if we should call all her friends, and they could say good bye to her. We lit candles all around the room, and her friends came by to sit with her and talk to her. We had our priest come over and we said a group prayer around her. During the times that people were in other rooms, I would go read to her in Italian from a book on her nightstand. One of her friends that had been a friend of hers since they were school children in Italy ask me to make sure that she is read to when no one else is around, that way she is comforted. She lived he last moments being surrounded by the people she loved, and those people all go to say their last words to her.

The kids went into the room, and held her hand. They already knew she was sick, and they knew that she would no longer be in pain. Late in the evening she passed into another realm. We called the doctor, and the nurse called the coroner. They came to pick her up, and we made all the arrangements for her.

One of my favorite photos of her was this one…IMG_8600

Sergio took this photo of his Nona, and it was on his birthday. You can see the love in her eyes for him.

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