Happiness Project

Cesarina XV

As much as we aggravated each other, we also had so much in common. When she was sick, she didn’t want to hire a nurse. She wanted to do what she could, for as long as she could. I tried to talk her into eating baby food, since it had so many of the nutrients in it that she needed. Eating was very hard, and very painful. Since her body was kind of recreating a stomach, she couldn’t eat the food that she was used to, and food that she once loved.

She was losing weight rapidly. She went from 180 lbs to 130 in no time. Five o’ clock was dinner time, and she didn’t want to come to our house every day. The days she wanted to stay home, I would take her dinner. If I was 5 minutes late, she would tell wait until I got over to her house to tell me she had already made herself something. I would stay with her as she ate her food, and sit with her in the family room as we would play jeopardy and wheel of fortune together.

One night she had her little hat on her head, and said “Kimberly, I want to tell you I’m sorry, you were right, we are alike in many ways. I just was stubborn and didn’t want to see  how much you love my son, and you do so much for those grandkids. Now, I might die before I ever had a chance to see Sergio go to kindergarten.” I was crying. She then said “You know you are not in my will, right? Why are you being so nice to me after all I have done to you? I told her, you don’t have to leave me anything in your will. I am here because you are family to me. She reminded me that I was not her family, but Roberto and my kids were her family. I am human, and you are human, and as one human to another I can see you need help, so I am here to help you.

She then asked “Do you see me scratching my head?” Yes, I see you scratching your head, I replied. Well, a normal person would ask if they could do something. I sucked up my tears, and asked “What would you like for me to do?” Well, she said, I need someone to shower me. Ok, well, I believe I can help you with that.

I got her all finished from the shower, and washed her hair. She wanted me to also blow dry her hair, and style it. I really tried my best! She then told me that Johnny, her hair stylist was much better at it than I was.

I pulled back her covers, and her sheets then put her to bed. She told me “I really do love you, and I really always have. Maybe, I was jealous that you came in and took my only baby from me. I reminded her that I took her baby no where, he lived right across the street.  I understand, and I forgive you, you were looking out for your son. One last thing before you go back home Kimberly, you have been the best daughter in law I could ask for, I appreciate that. I kissed her on the forehead, and locked her door. IMG_7321

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