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Art, Learning, and Laughing

Before we came down to San Luis Obispo county one of our goals was to create a space that was a center for learning. A place where people could go not just to be artistic, but where they could learn. At Casa Dell Arte, we want to include lectures, crafts, dance, yoga, and various other activities. A place where kids can do science classes, women can learn about empowerment, and we can share ideas and beliefs with each other.

This month at Casa Dell Arte, which is located on the property of the San Marcos Creek Vineyard and Winery, we are offering something new. We are not only going to have classes for adults, but also something for children and adults. Children, with their parents can come together to paint and have fun.

Once we find more teachers for more classes we will keep you all posted about what is happening at Casa Dell Arte. It’s going to be a great place to learn something new.


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