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Only The Strong Survive

We started off with more than 100 chickens, and we are down to two. Dovie and her daughter are our two remaining chickens. Dovie, named because she kinda reminded us of a dove. The daughter of Dovie is only only surviving chicken that was born here on the farm.

What happened to our chickens? Well, going to football games, parties, winery events has had it’s toll on the chickens. We would come home, and 30 chickens would be gone. We wanted our chickens to be “Free Range”, well, they were free range, but so are coyotes and foxes. The foxes are so beautiful, I sometimes just want to give them a chicken, especially a rooster. LOL!



Dovie, and her daughter like to hang out with the cow (Luna), and the goats. They come around in the morning for their scratch food, and then wander around the farm. So, we will not get any new chickens, until we have put up fences to keep the chickens in one location, and keep the coyotes and foxes out of the chicken coop area. Another lesson learned from the farm. Fences are a good thing.

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