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Cesarina XIV

Cesariana, was making the most of her life. She was traveling all over Europe, and seeing parts of America that she had dreamed about seeing. She even visited San Miguel before we over here.


IMG_5912 When she came back from England, I met her at her mailbox, and we were chatting. She was so happy to see the kids. She told me that she wasn’t feeling well.

What do you mean you are not feeling well? She snapped back  “It’s not that heard to figure out that I’ve been sick.” I just want to know what kind of symptoms are you having I asked her. She then replied “I have been vomiting everyday. I told her “That’s not normal, you need to go to the doctor.” She asked “You think it might be something serious?” I told her “It would be better to get it checked, because it could be something very serious.” She then asked if I thought it was cancer. I told her, I’m not sure, all I know is vomiting every day is not normal. She then told me to stop wishing for her to have cancer. I reminded her that I don’t wish bad things to happen to people. In fact I believed that wishing harm for others backfires, and only causes wasted time and energy.

She went to the doctor, and called the day after. “Kimberly, guess what? I don’t have cancer, so you can stop believing there is something wrong with me.” I told her again…there is nothing normal about vomiting every day. I just wanted you to get checked out by the doctor. You have insurance, and pay for insurance, so you should use it.

The next day, I got another phone call form her. She told me that the doctor called her back, and they told her she had cancer. All of us went to the hospital with her. They told her she had stomach cancer, and they would have to operate right away. We were informed that during the operation she would also have lymph nodes removed and checked as well.

A tumor was removed from her stomach, and her stomach. She also had cancer in 80% of the lymph nodes that were removed. When she was awake, we all talked about what course of action to take. She told us that she did not want to suffer during this time, but she wanted to live. She was going to go through radiation and chemo.

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