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Our First Class

It has been my dream for a long time now to have a campus. A place where people could come and learn. It didn’t necessarily need to be a college campus or even high school, but where all ages could learn something. One of the aspects of my dream was realized on Saturday. We had a paint and sip class, and more Saturday classes are coming. Here are some photos of the space where learning takes place…

The indoor space is 1700 square feet, and the outdoor patio area is 3500 square feet. We are calling the space “Casa Dell Arte” where we are going to offer more than just painting, but also craft classes, yoga, dance, and a chance for others to share insight. If they want to come in and lecture or give a presentation of some kind, we can offer our space as a place where learning can take place. Art is important for our well being. Skye was a great teacher for the class, she even allowed us to deviate from the original, and we could make our art piece any color we wanted. I am so looking forward to sharing this space with others, and seeing people learn art, and so much more.

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