Happiness Project

Graveyard Vineyards

Approaching Graveyard Vineyards, there is no getting past the fact that on the left hand side is an old graveyard. I love the fact that Rob and Paula embraced the graveyard, and just ran with it. Anyway, the speed limit going up to the top oaf the hill is 13 MPH. Most people have the speed limit at 10 or 15, because dust kills vines.

Once the top of the hill is reached, the lake is what most people will notice right off the bat. It is beautiful, and there is even an inviting dock that extends well into the water. There is an awning that covers part of the patio, as well as lights that are for night time excitement at the Graveyard. Under the awning are many white rocking chairs awaiting guests to partake in communication and wine. Closer to the water are several tables, and chairs.

The views of the vineyards are spectacular, and the wind blowing through the pine tree almost sounds as though someone is whispering. So much to enjoy, and unique character here to partake with friends and family.

Once inside, there is so much to see. The huge coffin, and then there are the little coffins that hold a delicate shipment of wine for the wine club members. There are gifts, foods, and clothing that the living can purchase.

I’m not sure about the procedures for spirits. You’ll have to ask on your visit. I highly recommend the Viognier, very delicious…to die for. 😉

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