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Venus Has Left the Farm

Venus was the heifer that Sabrina took to fair. The fair takes so much time out of the summer. She had to take the time to find the cow, pay to get her pregnant, then take care of her all the time before fair.

I recently told her, “you are living your dream.” She said…”I just realized the same thing the other day.” Since she was little, she has wanted to be a farmer. I would even question her over and over thinking that she would be swayed from “farming”, but she never wavered. I still relish the moments at the table when she and my son would argue over what they would sell to each other. Her with her farm, and his vineyard and winery.

I’m so proud that she sold her first cow. We are going to start looking for a herd of cows.


This is Venus after her shower, the day she was sold.

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