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Winery of the Year

No, we did not get winery of the year. Robert Hall got Winery of the Year. We will have to try for next year. We did get “Best in Show” this year, and that is pretty great!

Here is the wine in the special case, the winner case…LOL, and here we are posing with our giant posters. James (our wine maker) and then me.

The name of the wine that won “Flings First Crush”, which was the father of James. His father was the original owner of the winery and property. The hand print was from his dad putting his grape stained hand on one of his friends. There was even a commemorative t-shirt, but I believe James did his father proud with winning such a prestigious accomplishment. The Grenache blend is like a virtuosity in a bottle…ahh, the music, and art of wine! Perfecto!

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