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Medici Family

Since I was in second grade I loved everything about Italy. I especially loved that the Medici family were patrons of the arts, learning, and architecture. He regularly had gathering where the men would talk about philosophy, religion, and democracy.

Through the years, I have kept journals, and checked off dreams as I have accomplished items in that particular journal. One line item that has not been checked off is to be a part of a “think tank of women”, until now.

Last month, I met Lorelei at Slo Maker Space, she is founding investor and board member of, OMG! This is a super awesome place, and it is a learning lab! Honestly, you have to go to the site to check out all the cool stuff that anyone can learn. Anyway, Lorelei started a group for women that are or want to become entrepreneurs. This incredible group meets once a month, and we check in on each other to keep each other on track.

Finally, I get to check this off my list, I found a group of powerful women to meet with every month, and fulfill another aspect of my dream. Empowering other women to rise up, and give each other strength!


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