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Ducks Saved


When I set out to write about the duck and her babies it was such a happy story. Our winemaker found the ducks, lost and scared by the big house on the campus of the winery. He captured them, and put them in a nice little box.

My daughter and I came over to the winery to pick up the ducks and the babies. We put them in a dog crate, and took them home. There we put the in the container above, and added some food and water. It had been about two weeks since we had them, and they were in container that was in the stable.

My husband suggested that we let them out of the container, and allow them to have all the space in the stable. The momma duck was finally starting to allow us to the baby ducks without hissing. We tipped the container on its side, and added some new fluff (pine shavings).

My daughter thought it would be nice for them to have a little more water. She left a pan of water with pine shavings all around the dish. They were swimming around, and she told us about them getting in and out of them dish. This morning, my daughter asked “You want to go see the babies swimming in the dish?” Yes, I said, first let me take this to my office. As I was coming to the stable I could see the look on her face was pure heartbreak. I went over to peek in the stall, and all the baby ducks were in the dish DEAD.

We looked at the dish, and concluded that the momma must have drank the water from the dish, therefore the babies could not escape. Farming has real heartbreak with it, sometime bad things happen. My baby cried about the whole thing, blaming herself for the accident. I told her that the momma just didn’t know there would be repercussions from her drinking the water that the baby ducks were swimming around in.

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