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Beauty at the Winery

I thought maybe you all would enjoy some great shots at the winery. Sit back and relax for a few minutes and behold these wonderful distractions…IMG_8104

We have lots of ducks at the winery, and if they are not fed by the time everyone is leaving they will block the road so we can’t leave without feeding them. Here they are walking to the tasting room, probably because we didn’t leave at the our usual time.


One of the male peacocks on the lawn. IMG_8247

Same one different pose.


The female with her baby. It is starting to get it’s little crown on it’s head. Not sure if it is a male or female yet. I just have not been able to get close enough to the baby. IMG_8256

This guy was sneaking up on me. I was just crouching down taking photos, minding my own business. I happen to look up, and this one was coming at me. I am concerned that the thing can smell my fear.  I like birds, but I do have boundaries.


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