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Winery of the Year

No, we did not get winery of the year. Robert Hall got Winery of the Year. We will have to try for next year. We did get “Best in Show” this year, and that is pretty great!

Here is the wine in the special case, the winner case…LOL, and here we are posing with our giant posters. James (our wine maker) and then me.

The name of the wine that won “Flings First Crush”, which was the father of James. His father was the original owner of the winery and property. The hand print was from his dad putting his grape stained hand on one of his friends. There was even a commemorative t-shirt, but I believe James did his father proud with winning such a prestigious accomplishment. The Grenache blend is like a virtuosity in a bottle…ahh, the music, and art of wine! Perfecto!

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A Girl and Her Cow


My baby with her heifer Venus. Venus gives Sabrina tough time. Today, she got pulled to the ground and pulled through the mud. Venus got weighed today too, and she is 1600 LBS. It’s been a very long season with the heifer, and today she was proved pregnant, and weighted so she can compete with other heifers at the end of the week.

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Will Bullas


When entering our kitchen these are the paintings that people see first. The top one is entitled “bearista”, it kinda reminds me of my husband. It also reminds me of how I act in the mornings. I really do need my coffee, I refer to it as “liquid personality”.

I love our family gatherings in the kitchen, my husband and I drink coffee, and the kid eat their breakfast. Instead of reading the paper, we read our iPads or iPhones. I read the news first, and everyone shares what they are reading. Sometimes we share funny videos. It’s just a new age take on a business morning.

“The Wine King” kinda reminds me more of our son. He is the one that reads stocks and the Wall Street Journal in the morning. We all enjoy a glass of wine in the evening with our dinner. We all talk about how our day went, and no electronics are at the table. Well, I take that back, when we have guests that are checking into Reale Leone Suites, or the Crush Pad, we make sure all the guests for the day are checked in for the day. Sometimes, we do have to make an exception for business.

Seeing these paintings brings joy to my heart every time I see them. That is what art is all about…eliciting an emotional response. These two pieces were purchased at Just Looking Gallery, in San Luis Obispo.

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Ranchita Canyon Vineyard

The original vineyard was planted in 1970. There are some neat history and stories  that Bill will share with any of his patrons that come out to visit him.There are still vines from that original planting — Old Vine Zinfandel, and Old Vine Petite Sirah. Since purchasing the property in 1999 they have made additional plantings, and now have 11 different varieties planted. They are primarily growers, and sell about 85% – 90% of their wine grapes to other wineries. Here are some of the views from the patio…
They were home wine makers, and opened their commercial winery in 2008. Their plan was to remain small, and focus on their handcrafted estate wines. They presently make 23 different wines, including Old Vine Zin and Petite Sirah, 2 other Zins, all 5 Bordeaux varieties, Sangiovese & a Super Tuscan, Grenache, numerous unique blends, and 3 different Port wines. In 2003 they planted 160 olive trees, so now you can taste their estate olive oil too!
Their twins, Anna & Adam, were 3 years old when they moved to the vineyard, and the twins now have just finished their sophomore years in college – how time flies. They love to help in the vineyard and winery when they are home on breaks and for the summer. Next year will be old enough to help in the tasting room.
Their primary winery is an old metal Butler building, and they have renovated the front into a very nice tasting room. They extended the patio to give more room for people to sit and enjoy the beautiful views, since they are the highest vineyard on the east side.

Teresa and Bill are the owners, growers, wine makers, etc., and you will usually meet one of them pouring wine and olive oil in the tasting room. Bill was kind enough to allow me to come in, and take photos and talk to him about his winery, vineyard, olive orchard.

They have one employee for the vineyard – Ricardo, and he has been with them for many years. They bring in crews for pruning, thinning, harvesting, etc. It’s a beautiful place and Bill is great, and so easy to talk to, he has great passion for his land!

Anna and Adam (the twins)  were in 4H and FFA, and for years they raised goats or steers for auction at the Mid-State Fair, in Paso Robles, CA – using the proceeds for their college funds. That led the family to purchase 3 black angus heifers a number of years ago. The “herd” is now 6, with 3 cows and 3 heifers – and all should be carrying calves at this point. Thus, their “herd” could grow to 12 by year’s end. They also sold 3 steers earlier this year.
Saturday August 6th is the Central Coast Beef & Wine Festival at Halter Ranch. They are one of 10 wineries that also raise cattle, and will be featured at the event. It is a fundraiser for Must Charities, and the Cattle Women Agricultural Education Scholarships. There will be food, wine, music, etc., at the event.
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Want to see some goodies I found for the house?


First item I had to have for the dining room. I think this is going to look great, it is from the 1930’s, hard wood.


Corner china cabinet, although, I am not sure where I am going to put this little gem as of yet.

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Thomas Scudder 1596-1657 (10th Great Grandfather

John Scudder’s father was Thomas Scudder who was born between 1587 and 1596 in Groton, Suffolk, England.

Thomas married Elizabeth in 1614 in Darent(he) Valley, Horton Kirby, Kent, England. Elizabeth’s six children – John, Thomas, Henry, Martha, Elizabeth and William – were born in England.

Thomas and his family moved from England to Salem, Mass. about 1635.

There is tentative and highly ambiguous evidence that Thomas Scudder may have departed Kent after 26 March 1637 to avoid possible loss of a suit for heavy damages against him, going first to Colingbourne-Ducis (the home of his brother, Reverend Henry Scudder), and then to America.

The evidence is contained in the report of a damage suit in Chancery Court in 1640 (several years after Thomas’ departure) involving Sir Henry Neese and his wife, petitioners, against Mr. Chase, clergyman, and his father and brothers. Sir Henry asserted that while he and his wife were temporarily in London, Mr. Chase et al seized Sir Henry’s dwelling in Stone, Kent, called Stone Castle (about four miles north of Horton-Kirby), for a fortnight, consuming or embezzling his possessions, and denying him access or possession.

During this period, Sir Henry leased a second house, in Horton-Kirby, apparently owned by Thomas Scudder, in which to live. Sir Henry further maintained that the Chases, in “pursuit of their malice against him,” secretly conspired with Henry Scudder, clerke, and the said Thomas Scudder of Horton-Kirby, to deny Sir Henry access to the second house as well, in order to carry out their threat “to drive him out of that country.”

By the time of the 1640 Chancery case, Sir Henry had regained possession of Stone Castle and had recovered 30 pounds in damages from the Chases through “five or six courts of law and equity.” The apparent purpose of the 1640 action was chiefly to enable Sir Henry to recover additional damages to cover his costs, which he claimed in one statement to amount in excess of “treble the said 30 pounds,” and others to total in excess of 300 pounds

Thomas was granted land in Salem in December 1637 and became a proprietor.

Thomas died on 30 Sep 1657 in Salem, Mass. Elizabeth died on 9 Sep 1666 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts at the age of 80.

In Thomas’ will, dated 30 September 30, 1657: “By the will of God Amen, I Thomas Scudder inhabitant of Salem in New england, being sick, & weake in bodye, but of perfect strength of memorye, &understandinge, doe appoint, ordeeine, & make this my last will & testament. I doe therefore by these presents appoint, & give unto my well beloved Wiffe Elizabeth Scudder, duringe her life, all my wordly goodes, & usentles of what kind soever, & all personall estate whatsoever & I doe al lso ordeine, & make, & appoint her my said Wiffe, my full, & sole Execatrixe after my death only my desire is that after her death, what she shall leave, of any of my foresaid personll estate, it shal be valewed, & equally devided to my said Children, & Grandchild, & my said Grandchild to have as much as any one of them. Neverthelesse, one Cowe, which I formerlye gave my said wiffe, I doe in noe wise dispose of, butt leave it wholly to my said wiffe to dispose of tt, as shee shall thike good. And that this is my last Will, & testament I have hereunto set my hand, and seale, this thirtyeth daye of September, on thousand sixe hundred fiftye & seven:” his mark X Thomas C Scudder Witness: Richard Waters, Wilom Traske, Joseph F Boyse and Thomas Deutch.

Proved in Salem court June 29, 1658, by Richard Waters and Cap. William Traske. Essex Co.

Administration upon the estate of Tho. Scudder, which was left in the hands of his wife who lately deceased, was granted 28: 9: 1665, to Mr. Henery Bartholomew and Hillyard Veren, who were ordered to bring in an inventory, Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, page 152.

Inventory of estate of Thomas Scudder, deceased, 1657, taken by Thomas Gardner and Joseph (his X mark) Boys, and sworn to by his widow, Elizabeth (her X mark ) Scudder: His house & orchyard, 20li.; three Oxen, 13le.,; three Cowes, 9li.; foure sheepe & lambe, 7li.; two swine, 1li.; Axes & other tooles, spitts, one pott hanger, fire pan, & tonges, one feather bed & bolster & two pillows, 4li.; three sheets, 10s.; total 73 li. es. 4d. Buried in Southold, Suffolk County, New York.

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Medici Family

Since I was in second grade I loved everything about Italy. I especially loved that the Medici family were patrons of the arts, learning, and architecture. He regularly had gathering where the men would talk about philosophy, religion, and democracy.

Through the years, I have kept journals, and checked off dreams as I have accomplished items in that particular journal. One line item that has not been checked off is to be a part of a “think tank of women”, until now.

Last month, I met Lorelei at Slo Maker Space, she is founding investor and board member of, OMG! This is a super awesome place, and it is a learning lab! Honestly, you have to go to the site to check out all the cool stuff that anyone can learn. Anyway, Lorelei started a group for women that are or want to become entrepreneurs. This incredible group meets once a month, and we check in on each other to keep each other on track.

Finally, I get to check this off my list, I found a group of powerful women to meet with every month, and fulfill another aspect of my dream. Empowering other women to rise up, and give each other strength!


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Villa at San Marcos Creek


Progress, isn’t just the pretty parts of progress. Sometimes, it is also the ugly parts too. This is a 5,000 square foot house, and all the carpet has been ripped out of the house. Now, we have two rooms to paint, and then cleaning, then the new furniture. Out with the old furniture. I slept on this couch, when some girl friends came down from the Bay Area to see me. I will update you all on the progress of the house next week.