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Collecting Art 101

Ten steps to becoming an art collector.

(1) Art is all about being able to illicit a response from the viewer. Everyone has different taste, buy art that moves you!

(2) Does it match the couch…OMG! Please, stop! Buying REAL art has nothing to do with what it matches, and what it doesn’t match. You buy your couch for the comfort, and art because it provokes an emotion.

(3) Know how much you can afford to spend. The best art galleries have a wide variety of price points. Know what you feel comfortable spending.

(4) Window Shop, window shop before you buy. Go to museums, go to galleries, and research online. Develop your palette (pun intended), just like you wine taste, and get to know your favorite wineries…you’ll find that there are great galleries, and they will want you to meet artists. Do your research!

(5) Even if you don’t have a lot of money, there are art students that exhibit in galleries of your local university.

(6) Collecting art take up room in your house. Are you going to hang the art? Where are you thinking of hanging it? If there is a special place you want a piece, you are going to want to know the dimensions of the space before you shop. A long time ago, a friend told me…”If you love a piece of art, you’ll find room.”

(7) Print, giclee , or original? Well, it depends on how much you want to spend, how much you love it, and if this is an investment or not.

(8) Really make sure you love a piece before you take it home. You are going to have to live with this piece.

(9) Go with your gut, if something feels off, it probably is. Buy from a reputable gallery and or someone with a reputation for selling art that is not fraudulent.

(10) You don’t have to go for something new or old. Find what you love, get a budget, find the size and get excited about the artist and their work…then buy it!

I started collecting art in college, and my first pieces were from other students. I still have one of the paintings. Since then my collection includes portraits of people reading, cardinals from the 17 and 18th century. Mission paintings that are from the 1700’s to modern. Painting of transportation, from logos of the transportation, trucks, cars, cable cars, even horses. Plus, so much more. You can look at my blog under “Museum Monday” to find some of the artists that are in my collection.

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