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A Deer, my dear

My daughter and I were on our way home from the grocery store, and we were doing as most mothers and daughters, listening to music and talking. All the sudden, I saw something out of my peripheral vision. I stomped on the breaks, and told my daughter, I thought I saw a baby deer. What? Are you sure, she asked. I am not sure…There was no one behind us, so I put the car in reverse. We got near the tree, and we confirmed that it was a deer. IMG_8159

My daughter tells me “there is a towel in my polo bag”. I got into the bag, pulled out the towel, and ran over to the deer. I wrapped up the deer, and had my baby hold the deer on the way home. We decided to put it into a stable for the night. We made it a bottle with the goat colostrum. The deer didn’t want too much. We believed the little thing was just too traumatized to drink any milk. We called a friend that we knew had also helped a baby deer. She confirmed what we already knew, don’t rescue a deer that has a mom nearby, and if you do have to rescue, you will need to feed in goat milk. We noticed that she had a little scrape on her head, and was holding her neck in a strange way.


The next morning the baby was hungry, and looked a little better. She was walking around, and the day before she wouldn’t walk at all. She was still holding her head at a slight angle, but she was walking around the stable. We called the conservatory, and drove over there. We gave them the fawn, and the blanket since it had her scent on it.

We wanted to make sure she had a fighting chance, and that she would be able to get into an herd. We will have to post an update once we have more information about her.

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