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Art Festival

IMG_8153Lately, I haven’t had much time to write, and do many of my hobbies. Spending time renovating rental property and working at the winery. I was downtown for just a little bit to attend the Art Festival. Being a passionate collector of art, and viewing work of new artists is always enjoyable.

There are usually aspects of the art fair that only fleeting art, unless they are captured by a photographer. Some art is better while it is exists in a particular time and space, like the sand castle. The sand castle was surrounded by children and families being joyful and having fun, and the photo just does not convey that to the viewers.

This “Before I die…” is all about sharing your response and reading the ones others left. Your response may be something different on different days. Art is what makes an impression. Sometimes it is good, and sometimes it starts a conversation or even an inner dialog.



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