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South Carolina Plantation


This is Jamie, he was the carriage driver at a plantation in South Carolina. His horses are May and June.  I wanted to go see a few plantations while visiting South Carolina. I’m so glad they give tours about the owners of the plantation as well as the slaves that worked the plantation. Jamie’s family were friends with Eliza, a lady that was a child of a slave.

He told us beautiful stories of growing up on the plantation, and how Eliza loved the place so much she would run away at 90+ years old back to the plantation. He told us of her dislike of toilets because they would suck you to hell. Anyone that misbehaved had to get her chamber pot and empty it for her. She would not use the toilet in her lifetime.  He brought Eliza to life for all of on the carriage. He told us how the ladies knew the healing powers of Spanish Moss. The Moss was known as Spanish Moss because the Native Americans thought the long strands looked like the beards of the Spanish. The moss, is not even moss, it is a fern. the fern has many insect inhabitants including chiggers. When someone got a cut the moss was put in the cut, and they chiggers would eat at the infected area. Once the healing was near the end, a piece of bacon was put on the top of the wound, and the chiggers would come out to feast on the bacon.

She would often tell Jamie and the other children that lived around the plantation that our hearts are the same color, and one day we are going to acknowledge that fact. People are people and each of us have a story, and each of us have had heartbreak. When we share our heartbreak instead of judging, we should listen with our hearts. The pain of another person is not your pain to judge. Hold hands with your neighbor and rejoice that you are alive because of the sacrifices your ancestors had to make. We don’t know all the stories from the past…Thank your ancestors, and be grateful you didn’t have to live the lives they did, see what they saw, and mourn what they lost.

Thank you Jamie for your beautiful stories and insight. This plantation will stay with me as an experience that I will never forget!!!

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