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Air BNB Experience

Traveling for the winery is one of the aspects I really enjoy. About a week ago, I took a trip to Charleston, South Carolina. I went to Charleston to visit my friend and gallery owner Ella, of Ella Walton Richardson Fine Art Gallery. The art walk in the spring would be a great way to launch San Marcos Creek Vineyard and Winery and introduced our wine to the most popular tourist destination of the spring.

I found a great location, in between the airport and the downtown area. Beth and Joe were fantastic, and their home was so lovely. A true southern hostess, Beth made me feel as though I was family that was welcome. The two of them swapped stories with me, and we stayed up late night talking. Beth and Joe even made recommendations for future travel in South Carolina. If you get a chance to become a part of a family as you travel, it is not to be missed. Air BNB is such a great way to get an experience that goes beyond just staying in a hotel. IMG_8052

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Farming is a business, and it is a tough one. There are losses that tug at your heart strings. Some of our favorite chickens and ducks have been lost to foxes and coyotes. We have helped to bring goats in the world, and sold some of the males. We recently acquired two kittens, and sold our miniature donkey. It is a blessing to have such a beautiful way of life. It is never easy, but so worthwhile.



Salem, and Kenai IMG_8074



Political Environment

Recently, I haven’t been able to bring myself to post anything because I have had this philosophical debate with myself (in my head).

As much as I like my friends I have seen so much tension and unrest. Friends threatening other friends to “unfriend” them. I’m thinking…why? Honestly, we all have our own right to our opinion. This is America, and we have been through a lot worse than Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Neither of them are what I believe to be worthy as Presidential candidates, but I believe they are so popular because we are all so sick of “Washington, business as usual”. They represent the pulling away from arguing endlessly on giving a tax breaks to study pig farts, and finding real solutions to problems that are pervasive in America. We want action, not endless arguing, we want our government to work for us not their own agenda. This is why we pay taxes!!!

I am in the middle of the road with so many of the issues. I want people to be able to marry whomever they wish. I want our taxes to be fair, and government to be more streamlined. People that are able to work, should work at doing something. There should be a fair and streamlined way for people to become citizens. We can’t overburden the rich with taxes, but we can’t allow our own people to go hungry.

When do we address Pine Ridge, and help our own people? People that were moved to that area by the GOVERNMENT!  The people of Pine Ridge are living life like a third world country, right here in United States. When do we make sure that we are taking care of own people that have fought for our country? Some of those people didn’t want to go to war, they were drafted into war. What about the people in the Appalachian Mountains? Now, that we don’t rely on coal as much as we did in the past, there are no jobs. How can we help our fellow Americans get on their feet? How can we help them help themselves? We can’t just give, give, give. People need skills so they can become self reliant.

The refugees…I’m all for helping the women and children. Why aren’t the men fighting? Are we going to be expected to send our own young people over to help when the able body men are not fighting? I don’t know the answer to these questions. I would like to know the answers.

Building a new wall to keep people out of United States seems ludicrous to me.  I don’t believe for one minute that it will work. Then again, free college for everyone is just as crazy. C’mon, it did work in California, and now lets try it out on all of America? The colleges and Universities got greedy and bloated, and California just could not keep up with the cost. Property taxes got so out of hand, and the people of California had Prop. 13. People blame Prop 13 for everything. If it wasn’t for Prop 13, many older Californians would not be able to afford their homes. I agree with a lower interest rate for loans, so that college is more affordable. Giving people a hand up is fantastic, giving them a hand out is a catastrophe.

America will recover from either of these becoming President, and it doesn’t matter to me which one of them you support because I believe in freedom to choose whom ever you wish. I get that each one of us has different political views, and reasons why we have those views. You will still be my friend at the end of the day. I believe your unique qualities are what makes you a great asset to the American fabric. I would never assume that my political, religious, or other opinions are something I should shove down your throat.

I want our government to listen and compromise. There is no need for the government to be in our bedrooms, and or in the doctors office. Women are just as important as men, and we should be allowed to do whatever we wish with our bodies. It’s so 1900 to believe that this is still an issue. We are all important, men, women, white, black, native, …there is no reason why one group should be at a higher plane than another. Justice should serve each and everyone one of us. Well, like a said before, if you are a friend of mine, I respect you and your decision for 2016. We are going to make it through this, just like we made it through all the other historical ups and downs our country has been through. Lets just respect each other, and be open to listen to debates of each side.

No need for yelling…

We can do this!!!