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Baby Bunnies

My husband called me a few days ago, and said “Honey, there are baby bunnies here that need the help of you and Sabrina.” I grabbed the dog crate, then Sabrina and I headed to the winery. Once we got there, we ran into the tasting room to see what we were going to have to do. He said they were found in the middle of the road, and were washed down the hill from all the rain we had. There were five, but two of them were already dead by the time the others were found.

We see these tiny creatures. Oh boy, we thought, we were not sure where to begin. How we could help these teeny tiny things.

We made a plan to head to Tractor Supply to see what we could gather there to help them. Once we got there we found a few books about rabbits, and started reading. My daughter started texting some friends that had other rabbits and experience with them. By the time we picked out a few items, one of her friends said he would take them, and care for them. He raises show rabbits, so we thought this would be a better choice.

So, we dropped them off with her friend, and he has been taking care of them.




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