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Connie Chadwell

This is a repost from my Terreni D’ Oro site. I wrote this post July 1st, 2013. I have since come to the conclusion that I can only keep one blog.

Collecting art is a passion of mine. When I first began collecting my ultimate goal was to help artist from around the world to showcase their art. Share with others the great artists that I really like.

I found works of Connie’s online. Often, I begin looking online on several sites around the world by theme. I really wanted to find a fine lady having a cup of tea. If I were to commission a lady having a cup of tea, I would not have described it any better than the way Connie put this vision on hardboard. When I saw “Mrs Grayson’s Tea”, I knew I had to have this one.

The background with the stripes, almost like elegant wallpaper. She wears her simple dress with ease and elegance. Her hat with the feathers…oh, the hat! I just love it! I would wear it! Her big eyes, and her pursed lips, looks like she just took a sip. The left hand almost has a look of implied action. The chair she is sitting in looks more like a dining room chair instead of a more simple kitchen chair. Mrs. Grayson could be at a party, and she was the lucky one that Connie sought to become the subject.

Soon, this painting is going to be framed, and hung on the wall of the eat in area of my kitchen. If you would like to view, the work Connie does click Connie Chadwellimg_2496

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